The Foul Play Cabaret returns to the Malco Theater for a one night only production of

Ghouls of the Night

This years event features one of the Natural States newest burlesque visionaries, Maxi Fauna, as well as seasoned performer, artist, teacher, and hometown favorite, Gianna St. Grace. Also staring the showgirls of the Foul Play Cabaret; Jezabelle Jax, Rosa Lee Bloom, Doris Night, Violet D'Vine                                   

Friday, October 26th

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and  Ruby Lead, with host, Jack Hammer. But the theatrics don't stop with the cast! show-goers are encouraged to take part in the fun, and arrive in full Halloween costume! With Foul Play's most ominous and campy show to date, Ghouls Of The Night is sure to send shivers down your spine, and entertain you into the night. More Info TBA.

with Host Vinny Vadge

    Rosa Lee Bloom                        Violet D'Vine                            Ruby Lead                                    Jezebelle Jaxx                              Doris Night    



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